Enerdrape: Harnessing Energy from Below our Feet | Talk Energy with YES Europe

In the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, the utilization of renewable energy sources has gained significant attention. Among them, geothermal energy offers a promising opportunity for harnessing the Earth's natural heat and using it as a renewable heat source. In our most recent Start-O-Sphere episode, we explore the concept of underground infrastructures

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Aurora Hydrogen: Disrupting the Hydrogen Market

In our new podcast episode of “Talk Energy with YES-Europe”, we interviewed Andrew Gillis, the CEO of Aurora Hydrogen. Aurora Hydrogen is at the forefront of developing innovative technology that produces Hydrogen, heating up natural gas with Microwave energy. This process is called Pyrolysis and the best part is that produces this gas without

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How the Internet of Things can optimize Solar Energy performance | Talk Energy with YES-Europe

Another month another episode of Talk Energy with YES-Europe. This time we sat down and talked energy with Neeraj Dasila, CTO and Co-Founder of SmartHelio. SmartHelio is a Norwegian start-up that developed software and an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor that manages the performance of solar plants and panels in real-time, predicting, finding, and solving

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How nanotechnology can improve battery life and speed up the Green Shift | Talk Energy with YES-Europe

In the last episode of Talk Energy with YES-Europe we interviewed Anders Tiegland, the CEO of Tio Tech. We talked about his start-up, their technology, and how he ended up being CEO, and, right at the end, we even managed to ask if we had any advice for young professionals and students that want to

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How natural air purifying solutions are taking over cities | Talk Energy with YES-Europe

In this episode of Talk Energy with YES-Europe we discussed with Peter Sanger the CEO and Founder of Green City Solutions. Green City Solutions is an energy transition start-up dedicated to combating air pollution and helping cities become greener and healthier. https://open.spotify.com/episode/371oBwoUKutlxQBQM9hOtc?si=O8uoOfmHRdW9royIG_POvg How it all started Peter was raised in a family that grew plants

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