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Our 2023 Annual Report is out!

Learn about our activities and projects in 2023 organized by our international team and local teams, read through inspiring interviews and get to know our partners!

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Empowering youth to solve climate change

Energy transition is an ongoing and global phenomenon and requires international cooperation and systemic solutions. Coming up with answers is a main concern of our generation and young people can easily be overwhelmed navigating the energy sector. At YES-Europe, we believe that providing a community of fellow young energy enthusiastics is the answer to youth empowerment.

We are a Community of Young Passionate People

Our solution is to create a community of young people passionate about energy and sustainability and offer them a platform and resources to create their own initiatives and projects while gaining valuable skills.


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Connect with young leaders in energy and sustainability

Discover new ideas to create a more sustainable world

Have a platform and resources to initialize your own projects

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Join us to become a part of our amazing community, discover new ideas and initialize your own projects. Here’s a roadmap how you can get started!

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Once you are a volunteer, you can get your own projects off the ground. We offer you a platform and resources to make those projects happen

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