We want to give a platform where youth can act and lead their own initiatives





Who are we?

YES-Europe, created through an initiative of the EPFL University of Lausanne in Switzerland, brought together 50 students from nine European countries for the first annual conference organised in May 2016 to connect and find meaningful ways to make a difference in the energy field. Since then, YES-Europe grew internationally to have an impact at the European level.


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What do we do?

YES-Europe offers a platform to develop both international as well as national initiatives to shape the future of energy in Europe and give a space for youth to act within this fundamental transition.

Believing in individual as well as collective creativity, we support each other in brainstorming, developing & implementing ideas.

We connect, learn & act around energy and sustainability to shape and transition towards a sustainable future.

Our contribution

Sustainable Development Goals
Affordable and Clean Energy
Climate Action
Partnership for the Goals

Why do we do it?


We empower youth to accelerate the energy transition through developing meaningful connections, exchange knowledge and learnings as well as foster creativity and engagement to shape a sustainable future.


YES-Europe has the mission of catalyzing the energy transition by creating an environment where youth are given a space to develop ideas, take on responsibility, build their local community and act for change.

Why are we special?

By building a capillary network, YES-Europe is bridging the gap between the local and European level. We have a regional approach with a European focus, which allows to have global perspectives applied to local realities.

With our commitment, passion and common mindset, we are building an inclusive community of diverse people creating meaning relationships and developing different projects to have an impact.

How do we do it?

We develop content and share knowledge to continuously learn about energy and sustainability.

We provide our community with a space to develop their professional skills and leadership in a meaningful way.

We offer a platform to connect, develop both local and international initiatives and implement projects.

By enabling youth to take actions and responsibilities, we support youth to become leaders in the Energy Transition.

But really, how?

Conferences & Climathon

We arrange an annual conference to connect our members and climathons to develop ideas

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Public Policy & Position Papers

Our policy team does numerous policy-related projects, including energy aperos and policy news.

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Networking Events

Our international and local teams organize different events throughout the year.

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Our members have written amazing publications on energy and youth involvement.

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The Knowledge Sharing team is running the podcast ‘Talk Energy with YES-Europe’

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We are always looking for more partners to collaborate with.

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What about you?

You can join a team depending on your preferences, either at the local or international level. If you already have a specific project in mind, you can also build your own team with our support!

Whether with a European or local focus you can make a change.

There is always a way to develop new ideas or improve existing projects

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