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Enerdrape: Harnessing Energy from Below our Feet | Talk Energy with YES Europe

In the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, the utilization of renewable energy sources has gained significant attention. Among them, geothermal energy offers a promising opportunity for harnessing the Earth's natural heat and using it as a renewable heat source. In our most recent Start-O-Sphere episode, we explore the concept of underground infrastructures

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E-Scooters – How the urban mobility revolution is adding to our emissions woes

They’re everywhere! Whether you’re on your way to do some grocery shopping or are visiting a friend living a couple of kilometers away; there’s no missing that  group of scooters standing parked on the street. Brightly colored and easily accessible from a mobile app, e-Scooters have easily come to dominate our urban infrastructure and are

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Pocket Fusion

Despite its promise of offering low-carbon energy at a stable generation rate, nuclear energy’s bad reputation precedes it in many countries. While overall public support in favor of using nuclear energy to combat climate change is high, more than a quarter of Europeans and Americans still opine against it. Despite the aftermath of disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, nuclear power capacity is set to grow in the coming decades, especially in Asia.

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