We hope to continue your amazing 2023 with another episode of the Talk-Energy with YES-Europe podcast. In this episode we had a discussion with Kieran White, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Return. What is Return, you might ask. Well, Return is a blockchain utilized platform that gives individuals as well as businesses the opportunity to take simplified climate action.

Who is Kieran White?

Kieran is someone who has had an affinity with climate tech for quite some time now. He started his career at Tesla where he was working on operational projects, after which he went on to work at a climate tech start up that was focused on tackling the recycling problem. He got started on Return approximately 18 months ago and this is the journey we are here to explore today.

The ReFi and Web3 landscape

To understand more about what Return does, it’s important to quickly highlight the current landscape. This includes the terms ReFi (Regenerative Finance) and Web3. ReFi – Coined as a term to represent the more traditional voluntary carbon credits being brought onto blockchain and therefore becoming tokenized. Tokenization is a process wherein sensitive data is replaced with unique identifiers where necessary info is retained whilst ensuring security. Now it has grown to involve a lot more innovative projects ranging from tokenizing carbon credits all the way to water and biodiversity applications as well. Web3 – Is essentially in theory a new iteration of the World Wide Web which utilizes the concepts of decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. Some of the key advantages of Web3 is the increased levels of transparency for users as well as increased levels of control.

Where does Return come in

Return is a climate tech company that provides verifiable and incentivized social climate action for consumers, businesses and communities. The Return Protocol is built on blockchain technology to direct funding in the direction of existing or even future climate. Projects utilizing environmental assets that are on the blockchain will be used in the fight against climate change.

Users have the possibility of offsetting their blockchain emissions and to make direct contributions by depositing USDC (a digital stablecoin pegged to the United States dollar). After the user has undertaken a climate action with Return, their ‘Impact Identity’ is minted and placed in their crypto wallet. They receive a ‘Soulbound Token’ which is a non-tradable NFT that keeps getting updated to reflect all the subsequent climate action you take.

They are in the business of redefining climate action by ensuring that the users are involved in the process themselves.

Interested in Return?

Intrigued and want to get into the details? Go ahead and give the episode a listen, as we take you on a journey that we believe will leave you inspired to say the least.