The consequences of not sufficiently including women in the energy transition go far beyond gender equality and could have a detrimental effect on the progress of the transition. We are facing challenges that require extremely large pool of talents, and without their inclusion, this pool is only shrinking. Innovations are necessary not only on the technological front, but also on the societal, political and regulatory one. In order to succeed, strong focus must be put on diversity, inclusion and equality. 

What is Women in the Energy Transition?

With this series of interviews, our goal is to promote female role models and empower girls and women in pursuing their education and careers in energy related sectors. Through presenting topics related to policies in the energy transition, we want to increase visibility of women involved in the field and break down all the negative perceptions about education and careers in energy related sectors and abilities of girls and women to take their part in it.

Helena Dalli

European Commissioner for Equality

Marta Lovisolo

Policy Advisor on Renewable Energy Systems

Liana Gouta

Director General at FuelsEurope & Concawe

Milena Milosavljevic

Senior Energy Expert in the international finance sector

Hanah Lahe

Climate activist and politician

Dimitris Symeonidis

Policy Lead

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