The Future of Energy Report

Since 2016, YES-Europe is managing its own analytical projects to generate novel intelligence on the perspectives of Energy Students and Young Professionals (ESYPs). Research outputs and results are gathered by our Knowledge Sharing team in an annual Future of Energy report.

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Bringing voices of the youth forward

Following the tradition of the previous publications, the aim of the upcoming report is to share the opinions but also tangible youth initiatives of European young professionals about current sector disruptions.

By sharing our results with leading players within the European energy sector, we are able to display how the youth already shapes the future of the energy sector with a fresh view, commitment to tackle big hurdles and an innovative spirit.

Our 2022-2023 Report


Dive with us into the EU’s energy future with our latest Future of Energy Report, where we discuss the transformative European Green Deal, targeting a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050.

At its core, the EU commits to a binding target for reducing energy-related CO2 emissions, aligning with the Paris Agreement. With a spotlight on renewable resources, the EU aims to inspire global energy transformation and reduce reliance on traditional sources. And youth is at the centre!

Fasten your seatbelts—this report is not just a comprehensive overview; it’s a front-row ticket to witness the dazzling spectacle of the EU’s energy future. The trends, the developments—it’s all here, and it’s nothing short of sensational!


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