In this episode of Talk Energy with YES-Europe we discussed with Peter Sanger the CEO and Founder of Green City Solutions. Green City Solutions is an energy transition start-up dedicated to combating air pollution and helping cities become greener and healthier.

How it all started

Peter was raised in a family that grew plants for a living, which motivated him to study Production Management in horticulture and ultimately led him to found Green City Solutions while he was still in college. The start-up consists of a very diverse group of people that engage in the fields of architecture, engineering and IT. The firm’s goal is to provide solutions against air pollution in cities by combining nature and technology, in this case moss and Internet of Things. What made all the difference for Peter was the classes about innovation and vertical farming that he took in college and that led to thinking for solutions outside the box.

Video Courtesy Green City Solutions

It’s all in the details

Later on he discusses the technical aspect of his company and explains their core product, moss modules, which are boxes that hold moss carpets and a regulatory and irrigation system with sensors. The moss modules boost natural processes and improve the air filter capacity of the moss by – believe this – ten times. The moss module can be implemented in many products, the most popular being the CityTree, and can clear the air for approximately 10.000 people every hour. CityTree and its sister products are able to filter everything between super heavy and fine dust, the latter being one of the most dangerous air pollutants for human consumption.

Figure 1 courtesy Green City Solutions

It’s a Long and Winding Road

Peter Sanger also shared with us the hurdles in founding a start-up. He highlighted how hard it was for them to find their place in the market and the right business model that would convince investors about their idea. Green City Solutions managed to overcome this hard time and, on a more optimistic note, the founder pointed out that people’s views on sustainability have changed and that they are now more conscious about energy transition. A development that ultimately led to the company’s products being popular. 

Figure 2 courtesy Green City Solutions

Where do we go from here

Green City Solutions has evolved over time, it now has its own vertical moss farm and the team aspires to grow bigger and bring their products to Europe, America and Asia in the near future. 

Finally, Peter mentioned that sustainability is not only a lifestyle but a style of business as well, encouraging young engineers to really work on their ideas and help the green transition happen smoothly. If you want to know more about the journey of Peter Sanger, the Founder of Green City Solutions, head over to Spotify, Apple Music or Ximalaya and listening to our podcast episode. It was an enlightening conversation and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Stay tuned.