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Talk energy with YES-Europe is a podcast created by our Knowledge Sharing team, regularly interviewing leaders in the energy industry. Questions from the community are proposed and selected to guide the discussion and foster connection between youth and professionals involved in the energy field.

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Past Speakers

katja paramonova

Katia Paramonova

Founder and CEO of Centrly

Katia is a 3rd generation nuclear engineer who went to MIT at 16 for her Bachelors in nuclear and later attended EPFL for her Masters in Energy Management.

Daniel Zywietz

Daniel Zywietz

Founder and CEO of Enerwhere

Enerwhere is the world’s first distributed utility company provides reliable energy services to customers across the construction, oil & gas, mining and hospitality industries using modular and transportable solar-hybrid mini-grids.

Dr. Frank Meyer

Frank Meyer

CEO of E.ON Italia

In the last four years with E.ON, Dr. Frank Meyer has not only successfully developed the B2C/Future Home Energy and Global E-mobility divisions but also helped the business to achieve high growth rates..

Recent articles

Aurora Hydrogen: Disrupting the Hydrogen Market

In our new podcast episode of “Talk Energy with YES-Europe”, we interviewed Andrew Gillis, the CEO of Aurora Hydrogen. Aurora Hydrogen is at the forefront of developing innovative technology that produces Hydrogen, heating up natural gas with Microwave

By |May 11th, 2023|