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If you believe that youth is playing a fundamental role for the societal transition toward sustainability, become a partner of YES-Europe. We believe in collaboration and knowledge sharing to empower our community and therefore always look to expand our network with new partners to share expertise, increase our reach and support our community projects.

Becoming a partner of YES-Europe will allow you not only to engage in a privileged discussion with youth in the energy sector but also position yourself as an active stakeholder in the sustainable community.

As a Partner You Can

Become a partner

Support us financially for a specific project or a long-term engagement to increase our impact and develop meaningful projects

Become a sponsor

Collaborate with us to increase knowledge-sharing within YES-Europe community and engage in a discussion with youth passionate in energy & sustainability

If you see the value in YES-Europe’s mission, vision and projects, and want to enable young people to develop the right knowledge, network & skills to act toward the energy transition, we’d be happy to connect with you to find the right way to collaborate.

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