Prometheus Sparks: Youth, COP, and Climate Moves

Humanity's progress has always been linked to our ability to harness energy, propelling us through successive eras. From the ancient myth of Prometheus stealing fire to today's ongoing energy transition, our collective journey has been characterised by creative problem-solving and the ability to adapt. The current energy transition, while not the first in human history,

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How spreading awareness about endangered species can help fight climate change

Climate change can be a very abstract topic for most people, especially for children. People like to see concrete examples that are in the present. Future catastrophic events are hard to picture and understand. They are already threatening to happen due to global warming. When living creatures are seen to be suffering now, it attracts

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E-Scooters – How the urban mobility revolution is adding to our emissions woes

They’re everywhere! Whether you’re on your way to do some grocery shopping or are visiting a friend living a couple of kilometers away; there’s no missing that  group of scooters standing parked on the street. Brightly colored and easily accessible from a mobile app, e-Scooters have easily come to dominate our urban infrastructure and are

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