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How natural air purifying solutions are taking over cities | Talk Energy with YES-Europe

In this episode of Talk Energy with YES-Europe we discussed with Peter Sanger the CEO and Founder of Green City Solutions. Green City Solutions is an energy transition start-up dedicated to combating air pollution and helping cities become greener and healthier.

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Pocket Fusion

Despite its promise of offering low-carbon energy at a stable generation rate, nuclear energy’s bad reputation precedes it in many countries. While overall public support in favor of using nuclear energy to combat climate change is high, more than a quarter of Europeans and Americans still opine against it. Despite the aftermath of disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, nuclear power capacity is set to grow in the coming decades, especially in Asia.

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Hydrogen Economy – The necessary shift to decentralize the Energy Economy

More and more often we hear about hydrogen strategies of individual countries. From various media, it is known that plants for hydrogen production are being planned and some have already been completed. Not only is the number of hydrogen projects increasing, but they are also becoming more concrete. Finally, recent events from around the world have led to a push for faster hydrogen establishment.

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