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Welcome to the UK branch of YES-Europe. We are a growing group of students and professionals in their early career, passionate about energy topics and wanting to act for the energy transition.

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Introduction to YES-UK

The UK branch of YES-Europe has just launched its activity in the UK with a kick-off Event sponsored by the Grantham Institute. Using an entrepreneurial mindset, our aim is to create social events and information sessions to bridge the gap between academia and industry as well as connecting energy-related societies in the UK.

Our newly created UK team is a rich mix of cultural backgrounds and experiences. Not only scientists but also policy-makers, artists and consultants are part of it. If this sounds like something you would like to be part of or are just interested in joining one of our events, please get in touch with us.

We hope to meet you soon!

Manon Dangelser

Manon Dangelser

Country Representative for the UK


My passion for energy was sparked by my older brother, who co-founded and runs a solar energy company in Northern Canada. He opened my eyes to the possibility of renewable energy to drive economic development, reduce inequalities and provide a clean source of energy, even in remote northern environments. Looking to the future, I am interested in learning more about how we can use data analytics and distributed ledger technology to enhance energy access and ensure a just energy transition.

I joined YES Europe Germany in January 2021, and immediately felt at home among the amazing team. In just a few short months I have learnt so much from them and their diverse educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. I am excited to continue working alongside the team to develop new industry partnerships and expand our reach and voice within the German energy industry.

Victor Yip

Victor Yip

Co-Country Representative for the UK


Key discussions on climate change, especially those around delivering net zero by mass electrification, hinge on the ability of the energy sector to decarbonise and scale in tandem. The pivotal role of the sector has led me to develop a career in energy and sustainability as a climate risk consultant and more recently as a power market analyst.

Specifically within energy I am interested in energy storage, energy policy and power market reform.

Furthermore as a young professional I see the value in facilitating youth engagement in this sector to provide a more forward-looking perspective. In 2022 I became a representative of the UK as I passionately believe in helping more young professionals make purpose-driven career decisions towards a better and more sustainable future.

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