We are a group of energy enthusiasts from various fields. There are engineers, lawyers and economists among us. We usually meet locally once a month to discuss the most important changes and events in the industry. During the meetings, we share our knowledge and experiences. Sometimes, YES-Europe members from other countries join our discussions – thanks to this our talks can take a broader perspective.

Every year, a group of representatives participates in the main Yes-Europe conference, which is organised in a different country each time. Last year we had the pleasure to present the conclusions of the research work of students in Delft, the Netherlands.

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Dominik Piechowiak

Country Representative

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about the legal aspects of the Polish and European renewable energy transition. I am also interested in large infrastructure projects and new technologies in transport. 

When did you join YES-Europe? 

I joined YES-Europe in May 2021.

Why are you part of YES-Europe? 

I decided to join YES-Europe to be able to exchange ideas on energy and sustainability with professionals from different countries and industries.

Dominik CR Poland

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