Talk energy with YES-Europe is a podcast created by our Knowledge Sharing team, regularly interviewing leaders in the energy industry. Questions from the community are proposed and selected to guide the discussion and foster connection between youth and professionals involved in the energy field.

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Since 2016, YES-Europe is managing its own analytical projects to generate novel intelligence on the perspectives of Energy Students and Young Professionals (ESYPs). Research outputs and results are gathered by our Knowledge Sharing team in an annual Future of Energy report.

The Future of Energy Report 2018
The Future of Energy Report 2020
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Based on independent initiatives and the desire to investigate in-depth interesting fields of development, different members of YES-Europe worked on research projects finalised by publications to share knowledge as well as perspectives on energy and sustainability.

What is our role in the Energy Transition

Youth Involvement in the UN Climate and Technology Sphere

Off-Grid Solar in Africa & European Start-Ups

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