YES Energy Europe tries to make a contribution to sustainable, future-oriented and safe solutions in the field of energy. We are creating a network of future energy decision-makers from a wide variety of disciplines and countries. We bring students and young professionals together to exchange ideas and united by the idea that as young people, we have a responsibility to take an active part in the debate on the future of energy.

Within YES-Europe Germany, we organise various projects on the topic of energy, e.g. invite experts to discuss energy topics with them. In the past we had lecturers from different scientific organisations (from universities and institutes), global companies such as BMW, Schneider Electric or Siemens and the CEOs of inspiring medium-sized companies such as Boreal Light GmbH, which tries to solve water management problems in Africa by developing renewable energies. We also have knowledge-sharing projects, like the Energy Consortium, launched in 2021.

Past Events

  • Berlin on the Euref Campus: tomorrow’s startups in Energy

Past discussion events

  • What is Sector Coupling?
  • What does the future of hydrogen look like?
  • How can governments and companies increase grid stability?

Past Webinars

  • State of Play: Hydrogen Storage and Distribution in the EU
  • Get to know Sonnen – Germany market leader in microgrid applications.

Kate Power

Country Representative

My passion for energy was sparked by my older brother, who co-founded and runs a solar energy company in Northern Canada. He opened my eyes to the possibility of renewable energy to drive economic development, reduce inequalities and provide a clean source of energy, even in remote northern environments. Looking to the future, I am interested in learning more about how we can use data analytics and distributed ledger technology to enhance energy access and ensure a just energy transition.

I joined YES Europe Germany in January 2021, and immediately felt at home among the amazing team. In just a few short months I have learnt so much from them and their diverse educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. I am excited to continue working alongside the team to develop new industry partnerships and expand our reach and voice within the German energy industry.

Kate Power

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