Are you Willing to Shape the Future of Energy?

In 2021, YES-Europe Germany designed a new project called “The EU Energy Consortia”. Under the values of knowledge-sharing and engaging around energy and sustainability, these consortia aim to facilitate targeted conversations amongst industry professionals, policy makers, and anyone interested in learning and acting within the energy field. These discussions will lead to ideas and solutions toward a more sustainable world.

To apply this idea, five different LinkedIn groups were designed to promote discussion, debate, and knowledge sharing on a variety of energy topics including energy policy and politics, energy efficiency, smart grids, energy storage, urban mobility & smart cities, and energy transmission & distribution.

Each week, YES-Europe moderators will begin a discussion by posting relevant topics, inviting all members to share their thoughts, opinions, and research. Group members will also be able to post discussion topics.

This is a platform for learning, raising awareness about important topics, and ultimately drive real changes.

Join the conversation!

Global future trends of renewable energy
energy storage
urban mobility and smart cities
smart grid and grid management services
Energy policy and politics

Do you have any questions or ideas you want to share with us regarding the project? Do you want to get involved or launch a similar idea within YES-Europe? Get in touch!

Neel Shah


Project Manager
YES-Europe Germany