YES-Europe makes a contribution to sustainable, future-oriented and safe solutions in the field of energy. We are creating a network of future energy decision-makers from a wide variety of disciplines and countries. We bring students and young professionals together to exchange ideas and united by the idea that as young people, we have a responsibility to take an active part in the debate on the future of energy.

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Ana Tomaradze

Ana Tomaradze

Country Representative for Georgia


The future of Energy lies in our hands. I strongly believe that the energy transition can be achieved with a skilled workforce commensurate with the challenge at hand. The young generation has lots of potential to contribute to the energy transition in many ways, for instance through engagement in decision-making processes at local and international level and as a skilled workforce supporting the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean mobility value chains. Youth are emerging as an important source of talent for achieving energy access, renewable energy, energy efficiency targets, and already account for a substantial fraction of jobs in the energy sector.

Joining YES-Europe allows me to collaborate with other young professionals to share our academic and professional journey in the energy sector that will drive us towards the change we need for the energy transition.