Our local teams play a fundamental role within the impact of our network by implementing YES-Europe vision locally and shaping the future of their cities and regions. With country representatives coordinating projects, local teams are organising events, publishing content to develop national programmes based on their field of interest.

Currently, we don’t have any major projects but feel free to reach out to us to discover our current work!

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Valeriya Izhyk

Country Representative for Ukraine


I strive to start a public dialogue about the urgency of the energy transition in Ukraine and involve young professionals in policymaking in the energy sector. I am convinced that security of supply, as well as decarbonisation through massive deployment of RES, are the burning challenges that I and other emerging Ukrainian energy experts should put at the core of our professional goals.

I joined YES-Europe in July 2021 and I believe that the connections we make today change our tomorrow. YES-Europe is a forum of like-minded people who will orchestrate the future of energy by making their first steps today.