As YES-Europe Sweden, we are focused on not only addressing the energy transition and climate change, but also other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by organizing public events with experts from energy industry and other non-profit organizations focussing on UN SDGs. Our team includes students, young professionals and consultants with experience in the energy and sustainability sector. We consider the energy transition and sustainable development a major technological and societal challenge and strive to enhance the knowledge exchange between industry, academia and politics. Our approach incorporates an entrepreneurial and networking mindset, based on scientific facts.

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Shubham Sethi

Shubham Sethi

Country Representative for Sweden


Living in closer proximity to the mountains in India, I’ve always been passionate about nature and sustainability. However, my active involvement in Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy started when I began my Master’s in Electrical Power Engineering and Wind Energy in the Netherlands and Norway in 2017. Following the completion of my studies, I have been working as a R&D Engineer in HVDC Systems development at Hitachi Energy. HVDC is the technology that enables transmission of Offshore wind power to onshore and plays a pivotal role when it comes to energy transition and renewable integration.

I’m most passionate about energy transition focusing on HVDC and renewable integration, and non-profit and volunteering work in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

I joined YES-Europe in November 2020. My experience so far has made me realise that sustainable development is a complex multifaceted challenge at various economical, technological and societal levels and requires close collaboration between Industry, academia and government bodies to have a measurable impact. YES-Europe’s focus on bringing the young leaders from different backgrounds together is what excites me about the organization.

Past Projects

In June 2022, we organized our Kick-off event in collaboration with Hitachi Energy where the speakers from the company shared their stories on how the work they do contributes to energy transition and makes the renewable integration cost efficient.

In September 2022, we are partnering with NEEN (Nordic Energy Equality Network) and Kraftkvinnorna to organize a case-workshop on how to increase women involvement in STEM. There are more case workshops planned in collaboration with other companies for the later half of 2022.

We have also partnered with Energy Crossroads Denmark, to organize workshops on using Speculative Design to bolster the energy transition and imagine a more sustainable future. The workshops are planned to be conducted in late October/early November in 2022.

If all these projects excite you and you have project or event ideas of your own that you would like to execute, please get in touch with us at sweden@yeseurope.org and together we can take a step forwards in making this world more sustainable.

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