The Italian network of YES-Europe is made of students from different university faculties (Electrical Engineering, Energy, Law and Economics) and many young professionals interested in various topics related to energy, who think or hope to be able to bring their contribution to the reorganisation of the energy system.

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Introduction to YES-Italy

The most important project managed by the Italian team is the design of the annual national event “Energy of Future” which we have been organising for three years now, always in collaboration with local associations in order to involve more and more people. This year, due to the Covid we organised the event online, with more than 200 participants from all over Italy connected together to discuss about the energy transition and to compete in a hackathon that saw the winners receive an interview with our partner company for a Internship.

Over the past few months we have organised 4 webinars (“ENERWEEKS”) on energy technology, economy and law, and we’ve worked hard on improving our social media communication. We’ve launched a new project called “YEsDGS”: on our instagram page, every week we explore one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our goal is to inform on what they are, how they can be reached and at what point we are in reaching them.

Over the next few months we’ll work on expanding our group, we’ll continue working on YEsDGS and we’ll work on more projects as well, new webinars and workshops.

Ilarial Parello

Ilaria Parello

Country Representative for Italy


I have always been passionate about science and making an impact in the world. As I’m studying energy engineering I’m fulfilling my first passion and being a part of YES-E has opened doors for me to work towards a better world.

I joined YES-E to connect with people who share my same passion in energy and who dedicate themselves towards a more just world.

I do believe that if we stick together and if we work together we can make energy more sustainable, accessible and secure for everyone.

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