The YES-Europe Greece team is active on social media and several members of it work on different projects. We have organized and initiated the development of our own content, publishing it either in English or Greek, mainly in the form of articles and podcasts, among which important interviews or short talks with experts in energy and sustainability are included. We are also building the expansion of our content in order to include in it discussions and presentations with successful start-ups focused on energy and sustainability and active in Greece. These shall be invited to present their projects, their aspirations as well as the challenges they faced too. In addition, we aspire to host virtual and non-virtual events on a regular basis, in order to present the team and its projects to groups of people that may be interested in us.

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Energy Transition: A Pathway for the Future

The youth-focused organizations YES-Europe Greece (Young leaders in Energy and Sustainability), UN Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network – Black Sea (SDSN Youth Black Sea) and NGO Move It joined forces in order to organize the Youth Event “Energy Transition: A pathway to the future”, which will take place between 1-3 October 2021 and the content of it will focus on issues related to energy and sustainable development.


16th International Conference on Energy and Climate Change (11-13 October 2023) 

We are glad to support the 16th International Conference on Energy and Climate Change, taking place in Athens (11-13 Oct.) and we are honored to participate in it.



YES-Europe Greece hosts a podcast, where they discuss relevant topics on energy and sustainability


YES-Europe Greece team writes articles on sustainability and energy on their blog in Greek.

Ioannis Poulopoulos

Country Representative for Greece


Can we save humanity, energy, and growth, all at once? This question isn’t just a matter of academic interest; it’s a driving motivation in my life, and I’m excited to invite you to join us at YES-Europe on this vital exploration. At its core, this question embodies the essence of sustainable progress. I firmly believe that by engaging and empowering the youth, we can uncover solutions that propel us toward a better world—a world where we preserve our planet, ensure abundant energy for all, and nurture inclusive economic growth.

In today’s fast-paced world, we face complex challenges such as climate change, energy access disparities, and economic inequalities. Yet, I am optimistic that by uniting our efforts, we can create a future where:

  • Humanity Flourishes in harmony with the environment.
  • Clean Energy fuels our societies, leaving no one behind.
  • Economic Growth becomes a means to uplift all, not just a few.

Our youth are the driving force of change—they possess boundless creativity, unwavering determination, and a vision for a better tomorrow. We are committed to fostering an environment where young minds can shape the solutions to these global challenges. Together, we can redefine the trajectory of our world.

So, whether you’re an advocate for sustainable change, a curious soul in search of answers, or a young individual eager to make a mark, this platform is your space. Let’s embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and action. Feel free to reach out, share your thoughts, and be part of the endeavor to create a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

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