The YES-Europe Greece team is quite active on social media and several members of it work on different projects. Currently, we are planning to create our own content and publish it in English, most probably in the form of articles. At the same time, we are brainstorming in order to organise a virtual event where successful start-ups focused on energy and sustainability and active in Greece will be invited to present their projects. Another project we are preparing is a series of interviews or short talks with experts in sustainability.

Once the lockdown is over and the conditions allow it, we aspire to present the team and its projects in person, to groups of people that may be interested in us.

Evi Makri

Country Representative

What are you passionate about?

I am eager to see the fight against climate change succeeding and the youth playing a major role in it. I believe that the just energy transition is among the key ways to do so and I feel that all citizens and especially the young ones, need to have the knowledge and the chance to get involved in shaping the policies that will shape their future. Thus, I often state that Renewable and Positive are the kinds of energy necessary to change the world and it is what leads me to participate in this community, aspiring that along with more and more like-minded young professionals we can contribute in a more sustainable future for all.

Why are you part of YES-Europe?

Being part of YES-Europe since the beginning of 2020, I joined as I see YES Europe as an opportunity for young people to get involved in energy and sustainability, which seems to be necessary at the national level, in Greece, as well. In parallel, I feel that the networking opportunities within YES Europe and through its events and partnerships are limitless.

Evi Makri

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