As YES-Europe Austria, we develop arguments for a socially responsible energy transition, organise internal meetings and public events with experts from the energy industry on a regular basis. Our team includes students, young professionals, lecturers and consultants with experience in the energy sector. We consider the energy transition and climate change a major socio-political challenge and strive to enhance the knowledge exchange between science, industry, and politics. Our approach incorporates an entrepreneurial and networking mindset, based on scientific facts.

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Current Projects

We are currently working on webinars on the following topics: Green-tech Innovations, Circular Economy, Incentive Systems for Green Economy, and a Green Tax System and the latest Renewable Energy Expansion Act. Furthermore, we are keen on gaining insights by visiting excursions. One of our future goals is to establish energy talks in the renewable energy sector. We are currently looking for volunteers for the core groups in the areas of content creation, strategy and PR, events and social media.

If you want to become part of the team, feel free to get in touch. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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Alin-Florin Calin

Country Representative for Austria


I joined YES Europe Austria at the beginning of 2020, which provided me the possibility to engage with a dynamic, multinational team composed of brilliant and highly motivated young energy experts and professionals from different parts of Europe. During our meetings we discuss various energy topics and possibilities to implement projects at the national level, as well as cooperating with other national YES Europe teams. I’m excited to continue working with the Austrian as well as the international team, achieving common goals and raising awareness among young people regarding energy issues. 

Since my youth I have been particularly interested in renewable energy sources, building my own wind power and solar installation models. While at university I studied law, international relations and history, with a focus on environmental and energy law. My studies reaffirmed to me the importance of the energy sector, given its multidisciplinary nature, influence on daily life and ability to impact and change our world. I’m passionate about connecting aspects of climate, environment, economics, politics and law for the well-being of our society.

As the local team of YES Europe in Austria we adhere to a structure of four core subject teams, led by two co-leaders. We are always happy to welcome new members.

Jeremias Jobst

Co-Country Representative for Austria


My interest in climate and energy topics is closely rooted in my experience during my semester abroad in Strasbourg 2019. During this period, the “yellow vest protests” (Gilet Jaunes) were formed, some of which were violently suppressed. It became clear to me that the energy transition is not only a technological but above all a social issue. Europe is facing major societal challenges, and the goal should be an energy transition which is peaceful, solidary, and prosperous. In my master theses as a socio-economist and urban sociologist, I dealt with the topics of sustainability and climate change adaptation in the housing and transport sectors.

I am currently writing my doctorate (in business administration) on social housing and energy efficiency in Europe at the Institute for Management Accounting at the JKU Linz. In this context, I examine primarily the challenges of the decarbonization of rental apartments in the building stock in a city comparison between Vienna, Munich, and Basel.