As YES-Europe Austria, we develop arguments for a socially responsible energy transition, organise internal meetings and public events with experts from the energy industry on a regular basis. Our team includes students, young professionals, lecturers and consultants with experience in the energy sector. We consider the energy transition and climate change a major socio-political challenge and strive to enhance the knowledge exchange between science, industry, and politics. Our approach incorporates an entrepreneurial and networking mindset, based on scientific facts.

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Current Projects

We are currently working on webinars on the following topics: Green-tech Innovations, Circular Economy, Incentive Systems for Green Economy, and a Green Tax System and the latest Renewable Energy Expansion Act. Furthermore, we are keen on gaining insights by visiting excursions. One of our future goals is to establish energy talks in the renewable energy sector. We are currently looking for volunteers for the core groups in the areas of content creation, strategy and PR, events and social media.

If you want to become part of the team, feel free to get in touch. We are looking forward to seeing you.

About Our Team

YES-Europe offers a platform to develop both international as well as national initiatives to shape the future of
energy in Europe and give a space for youth to act within this fundamental transition.

On a local level, YES-Europe Austria advocates for a renewable, smart and socially just energy transition. Our active
team currently consists of 8 experts and is structured horizontally. We work in small groups that meet regularly and
collaborate on local initiatives, online formats and publications. Jeremias Jobst is the country representative and
coordinator. He brings his expertise on sustainable finance and socio-economic impacts of climate change
adaptation to events, lectures and publications. Amir Muzaferovic supports international coordination as CO-CR and
builds capacity in the field of hydrogen technologies.

Bernhard Fürnsinn is responsible for the strategic development of YES-Europe Austria and can draw on a lot of
knowledge and professional experience in the field of wind power. Florian Zach has broad expertise in the
development of non-profit organisations and supports us in event planning and is an expert in social

An organisation without specialisation and content capacities would be a lifeless entity. As a dynamic organisation
with an agile internal organisation, we are proud of our experts. Alexandra Manhard has experience in the waste and
energy management industry. Philipp Steininger is a passionate climate activist who brings a lot of technical and
socio-political know-how – especially on the topic of energy communities. An important pillar of our team is Guntram
Preßmair, who focuses on electricity markets and e-mobility.

Special thanks go to Alin-Florin Calin, who has been building up YES-Europe Austria for over two years and brings
many contacts and experience to the organisation, and who is stepping aside from his role as country representative
due to time constraints. However, he continues to support us with his network and expertise in energy law.
Particularly valuable are his insights into energy policy, which he gathers in the course of his work as a local

But one important person is still missing and that is YOU. Engagement is needed, because the Paris Agreement and a
socially just energy transition can only become reality if YOU participate.
Send us an email at – we would love to hear from you.

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Jeremias Jobst

Country Representative for Austria


My interest in climate and energy topics is closely rooted in my experience during my semester abroad in Strasbourg 2019. During this period, the “yellow vest protests” (Gilet Jaunes) were formed, some of which were violently suppressed. It became clear to me that the energy transition is not only a technological but above all a social issue. Europe is facing major societal challenges, and the goal should be an energy transition which is peaceful, solidary, and prosperous. In my master theses as a socio-economist and urban sociologist, I dealt with the topics of sustainability and climate change adaptation in the housing and transport sectors.